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Consider this a journey for us too. Stepz started as an inclusive, boutique offering. A gym that welcomes all its members. A safe place; an authentically helpful community. This will never change. It’s in our DNA and sets us apart in an increasingly transactional, high-churn category. 

The next natural move for us is in strengthening our audience ties and playing a bigger role in their lives. It’s about going beyond the ‘body’ and addressing overall wellness. Life is more demanding than ever - we have less time and more expected of us. Yet where there are challenges there are opportunities. Amidst the technological takeover, there remains an overwhelming desire to maintain genuine connection - for vital support where and when people need it. Stepz is in the rightful position to take that role.

With you for the journey.

We’re proud to be leaders of our industry, because we partner with people who are just like us. Driven, passionate, success-seeking and all-round nice positive people! When you partner with us you become a part of the family. It’s a unique franchise model focussed on the success of your business.

We’re a team who places top-notch service and safety first. And a team

who believes in a ‘togetherness’ approach – working together and supporting each other on the pathway to success.

Why join Stepz Fitness?

Booming Fitness Industry

The gym and fitness market has seen year on year growth over the last five years. Combined revenue for the industry exceeds $2 billion dollars in Australia. This growth will continue for years to come.

Proven Success

Stepz Fitness is among the top 10 franchises in the Australian 24 hour gym market. With a rich 10 year history of business success they will remain a key player in the fitness industry.  

Unique Business Model

Stepz offers a unique business model combining 24/7 Gym Access and Group Fitness. We have a huge advantage over competitors in offering both under one roof. This presents a higher yield on investment return via the unique product offering of Group Fitness.

Market Leading Iconic Brand

In 2019 Stepz Fitness has started the rollout of a brand evolution. The new branding was crafted by industry leading brand and marketing strategist. This brand is one of the strongest and most recognisable within the Australian fitness industry. There is huge demand from consumers and stakeholders to be a part of the new brand.

On-going Support & Training

The Franchisor is directly involved in ensuring the success of each business. Running a business can be challenging yet rewarding. Stepz Fitness will offer more support and tools to our network now and into the future.

Our purpose

To help people on their journey to wellness each and every day whether its a high-intensity group fitness workout or help using gym equipment when you’ve sustained a knee injury, there’s no limit to the steps we’ll take with you on your journey to wellness.

The most important part of that is creating a community you genuinely want to be part of. A place you’ll always feel welcomed, a place that truly ‘gets’ you, a place that’s a big part of your life - no matter what’s in store for tomorrow.

Our approach

By connecting the community to an inviting, inclusive and leading network of wellness experts, facilities and products.

This establishes an overarching view of how we deliver on our purpose. It is powerful in it’s simplicity - giving our team a clear ethos on how we do business and carry out our day-to-day work.

It has great scope - meaning we can continually work on the way we best deliver our purpose.

By attracting the best in the industry to our employee base-people who are equally passionate and committed to delivering on our brand promise.

By on going investment in our team’s expertise-leveraging the knowledge power of trusted industry resources.

By respecting relevant stakeholders at every step of our brand’s journey-making conscious moves to grow the business’s equity, acting in the common interest of everyone on board.

By finding new ways to develop more collaborative relationships with our customers so we can help them better achieve their version of wellness.

Delivering our vision

What makes a

great franchise partner?

This is our recipe for a great leader

and business partner. With these kind

of character traits, we know we’re

going to get along just fine!






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